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Dress Code

Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary School Dress Code

All clothing must be clean, in good repair, and fit well

The following clothes are NOT acceptable for school wear:

• Oversized shirts (2 sizes too big)
• Spaghetti straps or tank tops
• Halter tops
• Shirts that expose bare midriffs or are see-through
• Shirts with inappropriate slogans or artwork (i.e. reference to drugs, alcohol, smoking, offensive language, sexual references).

• Sagging or dragging pants (even if worn with belts)
• Short shorts/skirts (must be at least at length where tips of fingers end at side of leg
• Hats or caps (only to be worn during PE)
• Beanies, scarves, hoods (to be worn according to appropriate weather)
• No Hoodies (from sweatshirts) are to be worn on campus at any time

• High heels
• Backless shoes
• Sandals (open toed)
• Shoes with wheels
• Metal toed shoes

• Excessive jewelry including dangle and/or hoop earings
• Large belt buckles
• Make up
• Cologne or perfume not allowed on campus
• Hairspray – not allowed on campus

Students found to be out of compliance with the dress code will be provided with appropriate loan clothing from the Rancho Closet. If this is not possible; the student will call home for another change of clothes.