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Dear Parents,

Welcome to another exciting school year. It is my pleasure to be your child’s teacher. In order to better inform you, I have prepared an informational bulletin that describes my classroom procedures, homework policy, discipline and other informational resources. I can not wait to meet with you personally, so we may work together towards your child’s success in school.

Tentative Daily Schedule


7:55 Morning Bell

8:00 - 10:00   Language Arts Block

10:00 – 10:20 Morning Recess

10:20 – 12:00 Math Block

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch and Afternoon Recess

12:45 – 1:00 Read Aloud

1:00 – 2:00 Social Studies/ Science

2:00 – 2:45 Writing

2:50 Dismissal


Students arriving to class after 8:00 am are considered late.


On Tuesday students, are dismissed at 12:00 pm from the classroom. Students eat lunch at 11:10 am on Tuesdays.

Student Responsibilities/ Homework


1.        Students will be held accountable for turning in homework complete and on time.

2.        Homework will be given on Monday and is due on the following Monday.

3.        Students need to bring in their homework packets and binders on a daily basis.

4.        Students need to read at least 30 minutes everyday at home. Students are to log in the title and a short summary of the book or pages of a chapter book that they have read.

5.        Students are encouraged to be organized.

6.        Students must understand that students need a quiet environment to learn.

7.        Student will learn to be responsible for their own behavior.

8.        Students are to bring water bottles, and appropriate attire and a towel on PE days.


Classroom Rules


1.  Mutual Respect

-Show respect for yourself, others, and property.

-Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

-Ask before borrowing.

-Work quietly in groups and independently.

2.  Appreciation/No Put-Downs

-Come to school ready to learn with a positive attitude.

-Only use positive language.

-Use manners.


3.  Attentive Listening

-Sit quietly while teacher is talking and students are sharing ideas.

-Make eye contact with the speaker.

-Raise hand and wait until called upon to speak.


4.  Make Positive Choices

-Solve problems peacefully.

-Avoid conflicts by walking away and asking an adult for help.




Progressive Discipline Plan






Good (Start Day)




No Recess


Note home/ Principal’s Office



Note:  All students begin on green and are given the opportunity to change their color back to green, if their behavior has changed for the better.


Behavior charts are filled in daily in their student agenda, so please check daily the color that your child received.  Please initial on the side of your child’s color.


Restroom & Water Policy

Students may go to the restroom when needed. If a student uses the restroom excessively, where it hinders their learning, I will have to call the parent. 

Students may get up from their seat when the teacher is not giving a whole group lesson to drink water from classroom water fountain. However, water bottles are appreciated because the student does not have to waste time in line waiting for their turn.


Mechanical Pencils

I would prefer if students use .07 or thicker lead mechanical pencils in class instead of traditional pencils. The use of lead pencils rather that traditional pencil saves lots of time. The constant pencil sharpening and noise will be reduced. In addition, students also tend write more neatly and clearly with lead pencils.



Homework Policy

Homework is a very important part of your child’s learning.  It reinforces what is taught in the classroom. Homework is mandatory, every student is expected to complete and return homework packets in a timely manner. I will check if homework has been completed and done correctly. If the homework packet is completed to the best of the child’s ability, it will not be returned. The student will get a stamp on the homework chart.


1.  Homework Packet

  • It is given every Monday afternoon. 
  • Homework packets are due every Monday morning.  


2.  Homework Binder (1 1/2 inch Binder) Heavy Duty so it lasts longer.

  • The Homework Binder is brought to school everyday.
  • It is to be used for storing homework packet as well as relaying any information that may be pertinent.



Homework is a cooperative effort between the parent/guardian and child.  Let your child take the risks necessary to try to reach an appropriate answer.  This will help him/her build confidence, knowing that he/she is capable of finding solutions.  Please be there to support and guide your child by being a positive resource.

The parent is responsible for checking the homework and providing support when needed.



If the assigned homework is not completed or turned in on time, the following may occur:


  • Loss of recess
  • Loss of participation in fun activity
  • Loss of participation in parties
  • Note or call home



Spelling tests on Fridays. Please do not be absent because it is very difficult to make these up. All students will have a Quiz Folder. When students take their assessments, they will be placed in the Quiz folder for parents to look over and sign. I will also notify you of missing assignments and/or homework packets. I would like the parent to be aware of what their child is doing in class.

Language Arts and Math units test may be administered on any day of the week. I will let parents know at least one week ahead of time.



Grading Scale:

100 – 90% 4

89 – 75% 3

74 – 60% 2

59 – 0% 1


Students who earn 3 and 4 on their report card, will get an Honor Roll award. Students who attain all 4s, will receive Principal’s Award. Good Luck Everyone!!!



Your child will participate in Physical Education on a weekly basis. Please make sure that on PE days he/she wears shoes for running (with laces) and clothes that are appropriate for exercise, games and stretching. In addition, an old bath towel will help students when their doing push-ups and curl-ups. Water bottles are required.


Healthy Snacks

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat outside during their first recess. 

I also encourage students to bring a water bottle on a daily basis. This lessens the amount of time taken to take a drink and alleviates interruptions during lessons.


Examples of Healthy Snacks:

  • Sliced carrots
  • banana
  • small sandwich
  • goldfish crackers
  • apple
  • pretzels
  • granola bar


Materials Needed at Home

1.        Pencils

2.        Crayons

3.        Scissors

4.        Glue

5.        Dictionary

6.        Thesaurus

7.        Paper

8.        Pencil Sharpener

9.        Ruler

10.      Quiet area with little or no distractions



In order to minimize the classroom disruptions caused by birthday parties, I feel that it would be best if we have one birthday celebration each month. All children with birthdays in that month will be honored and can share healthy treats. The celebration must take place at the end of the school day. Special deliveries such as balloons and flowers will be kept in the office. The office will make sure that the student takes them home at the end of the school day.



Santa Fe Springs Library

We will be making monthly walking trips to the library. Parents are invited to come help the students walk to and from the library. If a student is not behaving at the library, he/she will not be invited to the library and will have to stay with another teacher. If a student consistently does not behave on our way to or at the library, they also will not be allowed to return. If a parent wishes to help on our walking field trip to the library, you are welcomed to do so. I will let you know the dates and times through the student agendas.




Book Orders

Please do not feel obligated to buy books. Scholastic is a good quality book company.  When students begin taking their AR (Accelerated Reader) Test in class, they will know at what level they are reading.  Scholastic has included the AR levels of their books. Scholastic also has great deals on student dictionaries and thesaurus.


Highlights is another company that sells educational booklets. The booklets are great for keeping children occupied during the holidays and weekends.