Rancho plants a tree in the Kinderground area- 5/27/15

On Wednesday, the 27th of May, Rancho Santa Gertrudes planted a new and beautiful extension to the campus. Rancho students and Santa Fe Springs City public workers planted a new tree in the Kindergarten playground. A wonderful ceremony was held before the planting of the tree. It was attended by Principal Octavio Pérez, the Head of Public Works, and the City Manager, Thaddeus McCormick. Mr. McCormick addressed the school about life lessons and how to go and stay green. Also in attendance were the Mayor of Santa Fe Springs, Mrs. Laurie Rios, members of the Santa Fe Springs Board Committee, Rancho Kinder and 6th Grade Students. The event was a great day for youngest and oldest of Rancho students and for future generations to prosper in learning the gift of giving, and giving back to the community and the earth, with perfect harmony.
This event was made possible thanks to the support of Santa Fe Springs City Council member Jay Sarno. Thank you, Mr. Sarno!

Photos taken by Jonh Pace,
Written by Jonh Pace, 7th grade student
Editor: Octavio Pérez, Principal