Battle of the Books 5/29/15

On Friday, May 29, Rancho Santa Gertrudes partcipated in the Battle of the Books Reading competition. This event is organized by the Santa Fe Springs City Library. Students from four different schools ( Rancho, Jersey, Cresson and Lakeview), two school districts ( Little Lake & Los Nietos) competed to be the Battle of the Books champion! Rancho's teams did a great job and took home the 2nd place trophy! Congratulations to all students who participated and a huge thank you to our school librarian, Mrs. Countant and her family for thier efforts! Thank you, as well to our School Board members, Mr. Vasquez, Superintendent, former BOB Rancho students, Los Nietos Middle School 2014-2015 Valedictorian Paola Ruiz, Mr. Jose Angel Zamora and all teachers for making this event so memorable!