Third Annual Spelling Bee Competition - 11/14/13

On Thursday, November 14th, Rancho’s Third Annual Spelling Bee took place in our school cafeteria, at six o’ clock. This spelling bee determines who will represent us at the Regionals. Only fourth, fifth, and sixth graders were able to participate in this event. Students nervously sat on stage, waiting for a word to be given to them. All twenty four students did very well, but at the end there had to be a first place winner. After many rounds, third place was Adrianna Oehring, second place to Casey Dufrene and last, but not least, first place went to Quayin Wong. Congratulations to Quayin Wong, who will be representing Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary School at the Regional Spelling Bee, Saturday, February 8th, in Hollywood. We wish good luck to Quayin Wong at the Spelling Bee regionals!

Written by: Samantha Mendez and Yaritza Anguiano
6th grade students

Editor: Mrs. Ayala

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