Doctors from PIH Intercommunity Hospital visited Rancho 11/1/13

On November 1st, the 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders at Rancho, had a health assembly given by PIH doctors. The PIH doctors and student interns in the medical field, taught the students ways to be healthy, and how to stay healthy. They also talked about the five food groups: Grains, dairy, vegetables, protein, and fruits. The students were also put into groups, and had to work together to put certain foods in the five different food groups. The students also had to decide what activities would make them sweat. The activities that the students had to choose from were activities like tennis, soccer, swimming, football, and more.

We also interviewed a PIH doctor, and a student intern. The intern was Eric Escamilla. He is in Community Health Education. The doctor was Shaun G. Kramer. It’s his 1st year as a doctor. He says his job is hard. He also said it’s good to stay in school. Kramer’s #1 tip to stay healthy is eating healthy as much as possible, and exercise as much as you can. This assembly was extraordinary! For more health information go to

Written by: Victoria Flores, Samantha Mendez, and Yaritza Anguiano
Rancho's Sixth grade Web Reporters

Editor: Mrs. Ayala