Shakey Quakey School House 10/29/13

Shakey Quakey Bus

On October 30th the Shakey Quakey School Bus came to Rancho Santa Gertrudes. The bus taught us how to get prepared for an earthquake. A tip that we learned was that if you have objects on high shelves, put a cord in front of your items, to keep them from falling during an earthquake. For practice, ten students at a time went inside the bus. Inside of the bus looked like a miniature classroom. The students each sat at a desk, and then the bus shook as if it was a 3.5 earthquake. It felt like an actual earthquake was happening.

We also had a very unexpected, important visitor. It was Richard J. Moore, our Santa Fe Spring’s Mayor! We all got to meet him, and he even got to ride on the Shakey Quakey bus with us. Overall, this was an informative and exciting event because we learned a lot of tips about earthquakes and got to meet the Mayor of Santa Fe Springs.

Written By: Samantha Mendez and Yaritza Anguiano
6th Grade Students Web Reporters

Editor: Mrs. Ayala, 6th Grade Teacher