Kids on the Block Assembly - Say no to Drugs - 10/10/2013

Kids on the Block Assembly

On Thursday, October 10th a very important assembly took place in Rancho’s cafeteria. This assembly’s message, given by puppets, was to never do drugs, or associate yourself with people who do use drugs. This assembly also taught Rancho students many facts about drugs.
Did you know the following facts? Drugs can get you into a lot of trouble. Smoking is terrible for your lungs, and can damage your heart permanently. In addition, smelling smoke is almost as wrong as smoking. Nicotine is a plant that kills bugs, yet people put this in their body. The nicotine in cigarettes “tricks” your body into thinking it needs it. It’s better to never start smoking because quitting is almost impossible!
This assembly was very informative, and fun because it taught us a lot of interesting facts we did not know before. We will have another assembly given by puppets in about a month. Rancho students are really excited to see another educational assembly like this. Rancho students are extremely lucky to have these informative, yet fun puppet assemblies, with such important messages.

Web Reporter, Yaritza Anguiano
6th Grade Student