Buddy Reading Program Between 6th graders and K Students - 10/18/2013

Buddy Reading
Like every year, the sixth graders have started buddy reading with the kindergarteners. The sixth graders read to the kindergarteners every Friday afternoon to help them perfect their fluency, decoding skills, sightwords, and confidence while reading. The first time we went to read, the kindergarteners were really shy, but when they read to us, we were surprised that they read so well. As well as the kindergarteners, the sixth graders also learned a lot of interesting things about their buddies. The interesting things we learned about them were their favorite color, favorite food, and even favorite animal, but the most surprising thing we learned was how much they already know about reading. We always look forward to every Friday because we get to spend time with our buddies.

Wirtten by: Sixth Grade Students Web Reporters
Samantha Mendez and Yaritza Anguiano

Editor: Mrs. Ayala