Student Council Election Day - 10/10/2013

On Thursday, October 10, 2013 was Election Day for the Student Council candidates here at Rancho. All week their posters were up in the cafeteria for all to see. This Election Day determined who would be our Student Council members for the school year. The offices that were available were President, Vice President, Treasurer, Publicity Manager, and Secretary. There were 3-4 candidates running for each office, and a total of 19 students. Everyone spoke confidently about the improvements they would make at the school if elected. It was up to the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders to decide during the assembly for which candidates they felt were the best for the position.
The next day the results were announced on the loud speaker. The new 2013-2014 Student Body President was awarded to Alexa Jimenez, Vice-President went to Carina Martinez, Treasurer was Paulina Valdez, Publicity Manager went to Emily Gonzalez, and our new Secretary is Ethan Castro. Because the election was so close, two new positions were created. The new position of fifth grade representative went to Monique Rangel, and the new position of sixth grade representative went to Juliana Rincon. Rancho is going to have an excellent year due to the great new Student Council members. Congratulations to all who won, and a great job to those who participated in the election.

Written by
Samantha Mendez and Victoria Flores
6th Grade Students