Rancho Celebrates Grandparents' Day - 9/9/2013

Grandparents Day

Rancho Santa Gertrudes just celebrated Grandparent’s Day, by inviting grandparents to have lunch with their grandchild. The grandparent was able to eat in our school’s cafeteria, and outside lunch area. In addition, the students were also able to invite their grandparent onto the field for recess. The grandparents I talked to said that Rancho’s lunch was not just delicious, but really healthy. In addition, many grandparents were happy that Rancho celebrates Grandparent’s Day. All of the grandparents were very happy with the school service, and had no concerns what so ever. They love all the teachers that work here, and it seems the students do too. Grandparent’s Day was a success because the grandparents were excited to spend time with their grandchild.

By Victoria Flores
6th Grade Student