Rancho competes at The Los Angeles County Science Olympiad - 2/13/2013

On February 23rd, Rancho’s Science Olympiad team went to compete at the annual Science Olympiad, which was at Occidental college, for the third consecutive year. Here is a quick overview of their day at Science Olympiad: Their day began at about 6:30 in the morning when they boarded the bus to go to Occidental College. The first event started at 8:30 in the morning, and the last event started at 1:30 in the afternoon. During that time period, they did events such as: Egg drop, where they have to make a device to hold a raw egg and drop it from a 2 story building; Tennis Ball Catapult, where they have to build a catapult to launch a tennis ball as close as possible to a target. Next, they had to wait for the awards assembly to find out what medal they had earned. There are three different medals or rankings that are gold, silver, or bronze medals; the highest medal is gold, and the lowest medal is a bronze. The medals are awarded by how many points you collect from each event. Finally, the time had come for Rancho to find out what medal they would be awarded… they were awarded a fantastic silver medal after a long day of competing against 35 other schools! Congratulations, to all the students who competed in the Science Olympiad.

Written by 6th grade student: Miranda Diaz-Infante
Edited by 6th grade student: Camille Baruch