Sixth Grade Students visited The Columbia Memorial Space Center - 3/1/2013

On March first, the 6th graders and I, went on an amazing field trip. The place that we went to was the Columbia Memorial Space Center located in the city of Downey, California. We got to touch a real piece of a space ship. Then, we went in and saw many awesome things, like a paper airplane shooter, a robotic lab, a mock space suit, and other great things. First, we went in the robotics lab, and got to program real Lego robots to go on a mission to Mars. After, we went upstairs. We got pictures of us in the space suit, isn’t that cool! Then, we got to see a movie of a mission to the moon, which made us feel like we really were there. After the movie, we went to go eat our delicious lunch that the school made for us. When we finished lunch, we got to go in the gift shop, then it was time to go back to school. That was 6th grades amazing time at the Columbia Memorial Space Center. If you have never been there, you should check it out.

Written by Karen Herrera, 6th grade student
Edited by Miranda Diaz-Infante and Camille Baruch, 6th grade students