Rancho Spelling Bee Competition 1/10/2013

This year, Rancho has signed up with the Scripps National Spelling Bee to be included in the Regional competition, and possibly, the State and National spelling bee competitions.

Students from first to sixth grade competed in several school spelling bees on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

The first, second, and third graders competed in day-time spelling bees, and three winners from each grade were awarded prizes.

In the evening, we hosted the spelling bee for grades four through six, where thirty-two spellers competed to win the priviledge of being the one to represent Rancho at the Los Angeles County Regional Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to this year's champion speller - Quayin Wong! He won by correctly spelling the winning word, “archaic.” Runners up were Paola Ruiz and Angel Gonzalez. Quayin will be continuing on to compete in the Regional competition on February 2, 2013 in Hollywood.

Mr. David Coutant was the pronouncer for our school-wide bee. Our judges were Mrs. Gonzalez, fourth grade teacher and Mrs. Ayala, sixth grade teacher. Emily Coutant was the scorekeeper.

All of our prizes were provided by funds raised in the Spellcheck fundraiser, held in December.

Here are few of the interviews taken from the contestants.
"I was nervous and scared thought I could have done better". -Skye Flores
"Trying to see the word and wish I had gotten sick another day". -Nathalie Jimenez
"I was scared, but happy I got though the first round". -Paulina Valdez
"I thought I was going to get out early." -Quayin Wong
"I was repeating word syllables trying to remember words". -Paola Ruiz

The judges were asked, “Why do they call it a spelling bee?” These are just a few of their responses:
"Bees are extremely hard in everything, worker bees". -Mrs.Ayala
"It is called a spelling bee, for bees because bees are smart". -Mrs. Gonzales
"I do not know why". -Mr. and Mrs.Coutant

By: Miranda and Camille
6th grade students