The Mobile Sea Lab Visits Rancho's 4th Grade Classes 4/6/2012

On April 6, 2012 the Mobile Sea Lab came to Rancho Santa Gertrudes School. The Mobile Sea Lab is a hands-on-education and an animal recovery vehicle.

The 4th graders got one chance a year to experience this lab. The activities they did was read about producers, consumers, decomposers, and scavengers that live in the ocean. After reading about the sea animals, the students got an opportunity to touched then. Next, the students rotated to two more activities: The California Jeopardy Game and the Decomposer Game.

During the first activity, the students learned, read and touched producers, consumers, scavengers and decomposers sea animals. During the second activity, the students played a learning game: California Jeopardy. During the game, the students competed for points in groups. The students answered questions about California Science Standards. They also asked questions about the water system, food chain, food web, and photosynthesis. The third activity was a game called: the Decomposer game. During this game, the students pretended to be decomposers and producers. Some students act like the decomposers by running in the field trying to get as many flags as they can while other students pretended to be the producers. The role of the producers is to catch the decomposers before they get the flags.

This was a very educational and fun learning experience for all fourth graders. If anyone would like to find out more about this program, they will need to talk to Mrs. Snow. Thank you Mrs. Snow for organizing this learning activity.

Written by:
Camille E. Barruch, 5th grade student