The Vector Inspector visited Rancho 3/9/12

On March 9, 2012 our school had the vector inspector teaching fifth graders about vector bugs. Vector bugs are bugs that suck blood and carry diseases. Mrs. Applebaum's class, Mrs. Miranda's class, and Mr. Nevarez' class all took turns doing activities. Each class got split into two groups. One group went to the bug bus while the other group stayed in the classroom reading, writing and watching an educational video about bugs.

The bug bus is a bus that had activities that taught students about mosquitoes. There were four stations. Station 1 was where students learned about the mosquito body parts. Station 2 was where students learned about the life cycle of a mosquito. Station 3 was where students learned by conducting a science experiment about which fish would eat the most mosquito larva. Station 4 was where students learned about how mosquitoes get people sick and how they give people diseases. After the first group of students left the bug bus, the second group got to go in. The group that left the bug bus went into the classroom.

In the classroom was where both groups read, talked and watched a video of how to get rid of vector breeding grounds and showed other vector bugs to watch out for. Next, we got to play a game where we had to guess what bugs were dangerous, and what bugs were not dangerous. Then, we got to hold a hissing cockroach. Finally, we played another game where we had to match the bug to its country of origin.

This was definitely a fun learning experience.

Written by Camille Baruch, 5th Grade Student.